1 Hr Required Course

1 Hour Required Course for Fall 2016:

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Anth 714:  Current Issues in Participatory Research, Dr. Dorothy Holland, Dept. of Anthropology


  • This course is designed to support students in the Graduate Certificate in Participatory Research.  Its first goal is to orient new students to the Certificate program and to the faculty, community experts, and students involved with participatory research from across campus.  A set of readings with quantity appropriate to a one-hour course will introduce current approaches and issues.  The writings of UNC-CH faculty and community experts are used for some of the meetings and those authors will be invited to class on the day their work is read.  The second goal of the course is to support and bring students into a series of campus intellectual events related to participatory research on campus.  Course participants will work with the instructor, other faculty and community experts to organize a speaker series, for example, or reading group meetings.

*Note: The course will meet for Fall 2016 in Alumni 205 on Wednesdays. The schedule reads 5 to 7. We will meet from 5 – 6:15.