Core Course

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Core Course for Spring 2018:

Anth 898-087 / COMM 825-001:  Decolonizing Methodologies, Dr. Florence Baab (Anthropology) and Dr. Sarah Dempsey (Communication)

  • This course is a core course for the Graduate Certificate in Participatory Research. The course will be held on Tuesday from 3:30 – 6:15 PM.
  • This class seeks to explore the fundamental connection between critical social theory and qualitative research through readings, discussion, and workshop techniques. The class is divided into three sections:

1. The Problems of Research: Why should research methodology be ‘decolonized’? What lineages of critique shape the practice and underlying theory of participatory research today?
2. Methods in Practice: What approaches, from interviews to videos, can research employ to enable greater engagement? What practical issues arise when working with communities to generate knowledge?
3. Student Projects: How can participatory research be integrated into graduate-level research projects? What resources and support, as well as challenges and barriers, do students face in doing participatory research currently?

  • Objectives include: 1) Critically assess research methodologies with attention to problems of power, difference, and colonial structures of knowledge production; 2) Analyze and discuss methodological questions and problems; 3) Create a plan for research that acknowledges these problems and structures (even if it does not escape them entirely); Proceed with hope and caution in future research endeavors