Critical Dialogues & Stories from the Field (videos of Profs Robertson and Satterfield)

Day 1: Collaborative / Participatory Research: Past Lessons, Current Projects

Professor Leslie Robertson and Professor Terre Satterfield describe their current collaborative projects with First Nations people of Western Canada highlighting how their past experience and evolving thinking has transformed their approach to participatory research. Their stories from the field will be useful to faculty and graduate students who are 1) looking for new methods in participatory research, 2) working to integrate their academic training and skills with community-based engaged scholarship, and 3) appreciative of hearing how other researchers have handled challenging problems in collaborative research. Community members are welcome.

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Day 2: The Turn to Participatory / Collaborative Research: Significance for the Disciplines

Professors Leslie Robertson and Professor Terre Satterfield, drawing on their field of cultural anthropology, present and lead a discussion of the significance of the growing turn to participatory research for the disciplines and professions. The talk will give faculty and graduate students from Anthropology and across campus the chance to explore the significance for their discipline of the growing, cross-disciplinary engagement with methodologies that seek to “co-produce knowledge” with communities, “democratize research” and “decolonize of methodologies.”

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