Fall 2020 Electives

HIST/FOLK 670, Introduction to Oral History

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the pleasures and challenges of creating and using in-depth, oral history interviews in interdisciplinary research. We will consider not only how such interviews can be used to explore what happened in the past but also how memories of the past are constructed in the present as people give meaning to their lives through story and in dialogue with others.  We will pursue these questions through hands-on, participatory fieldwork that will contribute to a larger collaborative project at the Southern Oral History Program (SOHP). In Part I of the course, we will read selections from a large and varied interdisciplinary literature on oral history, survey the interviews in the SOHP archives, and practice our interviewing skills. We will also read works on history and performance that bear on the issues at hand. In Part II, you will put what you learn in Part I into practice. You will learn to design your own oral history project, conduct and transcribe oral history interviews, interpret oral history evidence, assess that evidence in relationship to published and archival records, and use and contribute to a university-based oral history program. This process will demand and strengthen a wide range of skills: active listening, close reading, analytic thinking, self-awareness, and teamwork. Beyond that, it will ask you to develop responsible, respectful, and mutually productive relationships with people both inside and outside the campus, and to conduct your work in such a way that it will be of value to other scholars and to the people who share their stories with you.

Past Elective Courses

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OCSC 890, Community Engagement & Internship Seminar

Latin American Studies 690, Heritage and Migration in NC

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ANTH 898: Engaging Ethnography

ANTH 674: Issues in Cultural Heritage

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HBEH 710: Community Capacity, Competence, and Power

ARTS/COMM 637: Social Practice & Performance Art 

COMM 798: Advanced Qualitative Methods

COMM 841 (FOLK 841): Performance Ethnography

PLAN 764: Community Development and Revitalization Techniques

RELI 524: Ethnographic Approaches to Contemporary Religion

SPHG 720: Leading for Racial Equity: Examining Structural Issues of Race and Class

RELI 724: Ethnographic Research Methods: Ethnography of Religion and Religious Formations

Folk 860 (ANTH 860): Art of Ethnography

ANTH 898: Writing Lives

Folk 790: Public Folklore

PLAN 764: Techniques in Community Development

SOWO 799: Community-Led Sustainable Development

Comm 668: The Ethnographic Return

ANTH 449: Anthropology and Marxism

GEOG 543: Qualitative Methods in Geography

MUSC 970.002 Culture and Activism in Congo: Ethics and Methods

PLAN 764: Techniques in Community Development

RELI 688: Observation and Interpretation of Religious Action (Ethnographic Methods for the Study of Religion)