Panel (video): Transforming the University with Lessons from Participatory / Collaborative Research

The Graduate Certificate in Participatory Research Presents:
Transforming the University? Lessons from Participatory/Collaborative Research. A panel with:

  • Arturo Escobar (Anthropology)
  • Geni Eng (Health Behavior)
  • Della Pollock (Communications Studies)

For those of you who missed this exciting opportunity in April, 2015 to reflect on the significance of participatory research for academic disciplines and the university, the conversations have been recorded over video. Access the following links below to see more:

Video 1: Introduction by Dottie Holland and Comments from Arturo Escobar

Video 2: Comments from Geni Eng and Della Pollock

Video 3: General Discussion and Questions from the Audience

Video 4: General Discussion and Questions from the Audience