Fall 2021 Electives

To qualify as a GCPR elective, a course must have a significant participatory research component and/or significant content addressing the theory, method or practice of participatory research. In addition to the courses listed below, independent studies with a significant focus on participatory theory or methods may also qualify as electives. Please contact the Curriculum Chair (Sara Smith, shsmith1@email.unc.edu) and Advising Chair (Lauren Leve, leve@email.unc.edu), for formal approval of particular courses. Students are also encouraged to consult the list of past electives in planning their coursework, as departmental course offerings sometimes change after the website has been published and elective-qualified classes may be offered without being listed here.

GEOG 543: Qualitative Methods in Geography

Tuesday 3:30-6:30 (S. Smith)

This course comprises a critical introduction to qualitative methods in geography for graduate students and advanced undergraduates. Methods covered will include interviews, focus groups, participant observation, and some visual methodologies such as photovoice. Participatory approaches to research will be woven through the course. We will also discuss modes of analysis, coding, and writing up qualitative research for publication.

SPHG 690: Critical History of Public Health

Wednesday 2:30-5:30 (Y. Merino)

This seminar-style course critically examines the history of public health as a mechanism for understanding current issues in public health. Using critical theory, including but not limited to critical race theory (CRT), students will analyze a variety of topics through a historical lens, critiquing the institutions, power dynamics, ideologies, practices, and consequences of various public health efforts, particularly as they relate to engaging with communities. Using history as a tool to better understand root causes of health inequities, we will seek to identify strategies for modeling more equitable community engagement and public health practices.

Past Elective Courses

ANTH 449: Anthropology and Marxism

ANTH 674: Issues in Cultural Heritage

ANTH 850: Engaging Ethnography

ANTH 898: Seminar in Selected Topics (Topic changes each semester)

ARTS 637 (COMM 637): Social Practice & Performance Art 

COMM 668: The Ethnographic Return to Performance and Community

COMM 798: Topics in Research Methods (Topic changes each semester)

COMM 841 (FOLK 841): Performance Ethnography

ENVR 784: Community-Driven Research and Environmental Justice 

EDUC 861: Special Education Seminar: Translational and Implementation Science Research

FOLK 860 (ANTH 860): Art of Ethnography

FOLK 790: Public Folklore

GEOG 543: Qualitative Methods in Geography

GEOG 803: Feminist Political Ecology

GLBL 382: Latin American Migrant Perspectives: Ethnography and Action

HBEH 710: Community Capacity, Competence, and Power

HIST/FOLK 670: Introduction to Oral History

LTAM 690: Seminar in Latin American Issues (Topic changes each semester)

MUSC 970: Seminar in Ethnomusicology

OCSC 890: Seminar on Special Topics in Occupational Science (Topic changes each semester)

PLAN 764/PUBA 734: Community Development and Revitalization Techniques

RELI 524: Ethnographic Approaches to Contemporary Religion

RELI 688: Observation and Interpretation of Religious Action (Ethnographic Methods for the Study of Religion)

RELI 724: Ethnographic Research Methods: Ethnography of Religion and Religious Formations

SOWO 799: Special Topics in Macro-practice (Topic changes each semester)

SPHG 720: Leading for Racial Equity: Examining Structural Issues of Race and Class

SPHG 482: Public Health Entrepreneurship