Safe Zone: Content mostly geared towards university spaces. However, there is worthwhile material for those interested in learning more about the queer community. Meets a few times a semester. Spaces fill up fast as students and staff can attend.

Haven: However, there is useful content for anyone interested in working with those impacted by sexual violence or gender-based discrimination. Meets a few times a year. Spaces fill up fast. They only have two facilitators (as of Fall 2016).

Green Zone: Oriented towards pedagogy. However, there is useful information for anyone working with veterans or those in the military. Meets a few times a year. Limited spaces.

Mental Health First Aid: For mental health advocates. Meets a few times a year. 8 hour long session.

Anti-Racism Training: Non-UNC training sponsored by Dismantling Racism meant for anyone wanting to learn more about race, racism, and racial justice. (Offered year round)